Learn why the controlling form of discipline, that uses rewards and punishments, cultivates resentment, retaliation and rebellion (the 3Rs) in kids. Seventy-five percent of disruptions in the family are a result of the 3Rs, so by eliminating the 3Rs you’re eliminating three out of four of your problems!

Using a Guidance Approach to Parenting will eliminate the 3Rs. It is a compassionate, fair and effective way of teaching parents and kids of all ages to communicate with one another without using rewards and punishments. The approach was built on the writings of Dr. Thomas Gordon (Parent Effectiveness Training PET) psychologist and Nobel Prize nominee; Dr. Louise Porter, child psychologist and author of Parental Guidance Recommended, and Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, a specialist in conflict resolution (Non-Violent Communication, A Language of Life).

Come explore what is meant by the underlying needs within children (and adults) that drive behaviour, come explore what it means to shift focus from the ‘manifestation of the unmet need’ or the ‘presenting problem’ to the underlying issues. This approach to parenting fosters an internal locus of control helping kids begin to make the connection between their feelings and their needs. A guidance approach fosters autonomous ethics, self-referenced perfectionism (rather than socially prescribed) and develops mastery oriented children.

Language is a very powerful medium and we affect others and ourselves with the language we use and even the language we think. The most important conversation any of us have is the one that goes on inside our own head. In our course we heighten people’s awareness of what they are thinking about others (and themselves) and we educate them to shift their thinking away from a static judgmental language to a process language of feelings and need.